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Earth, Sky, and Everything in between...

Alright, this may have been brought up before, but I'm relatively new here, so I must know...
Does anybody have a copy of I Mother Earth's acoustic album Earth, Sky, and Everything in between???
First of all, is it good?
Second of all, where the hell did you get it? I can't find it anywhere and even if I did, I'm sure it'd be like a billion dollars. Sooo if you could just let me know... I'd appreciate it.

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It's good... then again it's all good, right?

I personally got a lot out of the live performance sessions they filled up the 2nd half of the album with. The B-sides are pretty impressive for B-sides but are still not the best IME material.

I think you can still get the album at any self-respecting HMV, but a good used record store is a safer bet since so many denounced the record as nothing more than a cash-in by EMI. I think its probably 25.99 at most places but EMI is having a bit of a dispute with some record chains right now so don't expect their to be a good selection of their back catologue until it gets resolved.
hm... okay, thanks man
Dude, I would just try to find someone willing to give you the mp3's.

The recording was pretty good, but it was such a cash grab by EMI.

If I had it, I would send them to you, but i don't. I really should since I was there when it was recorded!
It's actually a pretty cheap CD to buy new in stores considering it's age (somewhere between $15-$20, if not less). They may not carry it in-stock anymore though, just only available to order. Just ask the clerk at your local record store.
Yes, nothing beats the feeling of real, tangible containment systems for music ;)