Graham (g_gwozdecky) wrote in imotherearth,

It's worse than that...

...he's dead Jim.

And by "he" I mean the board.

AND the site for that matter.
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At least you didn't say "stupid band". THAT would have pushed me over the edge.

But yeah, I agree. They could have left us with something.

Deleted comment


Deleted comment

Situation. Illogical. SPOCK. get, that, dribble out of your. PANTS!

God, the original series was so much better...
I still find TNG to be the best

Deleted comment

Holla Back.

No matter who he's talking to, he gives you that look that screams "I'm gonna fuck you up and you'll beg for more"

Plus he's a kickass Xavier too :)
I'll agree with you on the Xavier part, but the greatest captain in history is The Shat. No question.
Ah Star Trek Generations, The best of both teams
One of the finest movies of both their careers.
They could at least upload a wee tombstone graphic with little Brian, Jag, Christian, and Bruce ghosts dancing around it.
They could, yes, but that would be too straightforward.

I'm guessing there's something behind this. It could be something as simple as just wanting to fade away, or something far more sinister...
It'd be nice to know though for Gods sakes. We've only been hugely dedicated fans for how long now?
did anyone see brian on canadian idol last nite? apparently he was in the audience.
Re-he-heally? Anyone have a picture?
i saw him chatting about how he's "soft" and like to watch the competition while cheering for certain people.

they had a clip on e-talk daily.
I'm living in the Boston area, so other than the site and
here, it's real hard for me to get any news on IME...
Is the site down or is the band all done?
And what's going on with Edwin's band?
ok well a bunch of us live like 2 friggin miles from them (ok, i may be exxagerating just the teensiest bit, but the point is were RIGHT there, in the toronto area) and WE cant even get any news over here.
dont think youre missin anythign over there. theyre not exactly te media's biggest thing right now.
(im tryin to be nice here. i love them but... hey, apparently no one else does)

anyhoo.... my point is... GRRR!!!! and star trek sucks!! :P